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  The bird Jingwei trying to fill the sea

  Once upon a time, the youngest daughter of Yan, legary ruler of primitive China, went boating on the Eastern Sea. While she was enjoying herself, a strong wind rose on the sea and her boat capsized. Jt before she was buried by the surging waves, her spirit turned into a beautiful bird. As it flew over the roaring sea, it cried sadly in the sound "jinwei, jingwei". That was why people cal it "Jingwei".

  The bird lived on a mountain near the sea. It hated the sea so much that it decided to fill it up. Every day, it flew to and fro between the mountain and the sea, carrying in a twig or a pebble from the mountain and dropping it into the sea.

  One day, the roaring sea said to Jingwei, "Poor little bird, stop doing that meaningless thing! You'll never fill me up." Jingwei replied, "I'll fill you up doubt! I will, even if it'll take me thoands of years! I'll fight on until doomsday!"

  The brave little bird kept carrying twigs and pebbles from the mountain to the Eastern Sea without taking a rest.

  From t fable comes the idiom "The bird Jingwei trying to fill the sea". We e it to describe people who are firm and indomitable and will t stop until they reach their goal.


  Taihang, Wong Uk two mountains, up to a radius of 700, up to ten feet Qiba Qian. They originally located in the southern part of Jizhou, on the rth shore of the River.

  Cal the Foolish Old Man of the northern people, nearly 90-year-old age, living in the face of . Foolish Old Man of the suffer from blocking the road to the north, go all the way Raoyuan. Foolish Old Man of the then convened to discuss the whole family, said: "You and I both tried two big mountains to be leve, it has to pass Yuzhou in the south, to reach the south bank of Han River, will you?" We have agreed with him. Foolish Old Man's wife questioned said: "With your strength, not even the father of Quebec have cut the land grievances, and can Taihang, Wong Uk Shan how these two do? Besides, where on earth to go?" We One after another: "to the edge of the earth and rock into the Bohai Sea, north of the hidden land." Foolish Old Man of the children and grandchildren can then lead the three-Tiaodan, stone cutting, digging the soil, Kei basket delivered to the edge of the Bohai Sea. 's neighbors last name has a widow orphans, just seven or eight years old, to help them bounce. Winter and summer seas, the only one from t.

  The b-chi to stop the Foolish Old Man of old gentleman with a smile: "You too smart. With your remaining years of effort, not to destroy a mountain of grass, mud and rock how can?" Foolish Old Man of the Beishan A long heavy sigh and said: "You thought stubborn, obstinate to the point where can not be changed, not as widows and small children. Even if I die, and in it; and grandson of Health, sons and grandchildren; son and his son, Son and grandson; children and grandchildren did not come to an , but Hill will not increase the height of injustice dug why worry? "Moses old gentleman does not bend, then to answer.

  Holding the snake mountain heard about it, for fear he kept digging continues, the Association reported on the matter. Emperor moved by his sincerity, the command's E boast two sons go back two Hill. On the eastern part of a Shuofang, a Yongzhou on the south. Since then, in the south of Jizhou, north of the Han River, there is no barrier of high mountains.



  Ancient times, in the north of the country, there is a magnificent towering Chengdu contained Tianshan mountains there lived a giant called Kuafu family clan. Kuafu tribe leader called braggadocio, he was extremely tall, Litaiwuqiong, strong-willed, the extraordinary spirit. At that time, the world's desolation behind, poisonous snakes wild beasts run amok, and people's lives miserable. Kuafu the purpose of this tribe of people can live births every day and led the crowd fighting with the scourge. Braggadocio often caught in ferocious yellow snake hanging in his ears as a decoration, be proud of.

  One year, days of drought. Like fire and the sun scorched the ground crops, dried up river water. One hot uncomfortable, I can not live. Kuafu to see this scenario, we set ambitious vowed to catch the sun and let it listen to the people's instructions, and better service for everyone.

  One day, the sun had just risen from the sea, Kuafu take significant steps from the edge of the East China Sea began his daily journey.

  Sun in the sky flew forward, braggadocio on the ground as high winds to recover. Kuafu kept chasing 呀 chase, hungry, picking a wild fruit boxes; thirsty, and holding a river mouth thirst-quenching; tired, and was only a nap. His heart has been encouraging ourselves: "Soon, we must catch up with the sun, and people's lives will be happy." He catch for nine days and nine nights, from the sun, closer to us, glowing red, burning hot sun on his own head 啦.

  Kuafu has crossed the one seat mountain, crossed a river section, and finally we must catch up with the sun-Yu Gu. At this time, Kuafu mind extremely excited. He may reach out to catch the sun, because of over-excitement, physical and psychological haggard, suddenly, Kuafu felt dizziness, actually passed out. When he awoke, the sun has long gone.

  Kuafu still not discouraged, he summon the body's strength, she is preparing to set out. However, the closer from the sun, the more intense sunlight, Kuafu feel more and more intolerable anxiety, he felt he was covered in water have been evaporated, and urgent, he needs to drink plenty of water. So stand up and walk south-east of Kuafu the Yellow River, Fu Xiashen son, drank the water of the Yellow River, the Yellow River water was that he Hegan, and he was going to drink the water in the Weihe River. Who knows, he Hegan of the Weihe River water, or not to quench your thirst. As a result, he intended to go north, going to drink a large Ze water. However, the braggadocio is really tired and too thirsty, and when he went half way, the body will no longer unable to cope, and slowly fall to the ground, dead.

  Kuafu's death, his body turned into a mountain. This is the "braggadocio Mountain", it was said Lingbao County, Henan Province is located in the West is now 35 Spirit Lake valley and the pool where the middle valley. Kuafu dropped the cane when he died, but also has become a colorful Yunxia Taolin the same. Taolin of the difficult terrain, and their descendants treat this place called the "Tao-lin chai."

  Kuafu dead, he did not catch the sun. However, the Emperor of Heaven by his sacrifice, moved by the spirit of the brave heroes to punish the sun. Since then, every year of his tribal days, all things flourish. Kuafu's descendants live in Kuafu Yamashita, parenthood, offspring, life is very happy.

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